Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Contribute to a (sea) worthy Campaign

Help us hoist the sails of our Pirate Art Installation at Source!
Every bit helps and we've got great perks for donating!

The Low Down:

Camp Cannonball is an interactive pirate ship structure built at the YMCA on Maui originally designed for Source! Maui Festival. The ship includes a bow that protrudes from the ground out towards the water. At Source! it serves as a hang out, stage and dance floor. This part of the ship remains intact all year round for the kids who attend to YMCA to enjoy. The ship also includes a crows nest with climbable rigging. Stunning views of the Keanae coastline can be seen including friends and whales. This year we are adding a flame cannon to the crows nest, and to repair and reinforce existing structures. The camp cannonball pirate ship is one of the most visited parts of the Source! festival.