Thursday, June 28, 2012

Starting The Roadtrip

I have never been one to turn down an adventure. When my girlfriend Ashley invited me to go with her on a roadtrip I had to say yes. There were tentative plans in my mind to explore some national parks and I had just gotten a ticket to Burning Man. The idea of leaving a bit early to enjoy a bit of the country seemed like a fantastic idea.

I caught a redeye from Maui on June 12th and flew into Minnesota on the 13th. I arrived to a death in the family but was welcomed in wholeheartedly just the same.

Ashley's friends took us for a ride on the lake. Classical music under the stars. While not exactly the high seas we were able to have a bit of fun bobbing around on the calm lake, passing through channels and around moonlit bays.

Sometimes I think about where I am today and I thank my past self for putting things into motion that I can enjoy in the moment. There were definitely preparations to get to the point of embarking on a three month adventure. I found a subletter for my room and tied up some lingering business projects. I'm thankful for the efforts because the trip is already a success!

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