Thursday, June 28, 2012

The Badlands and Custer Feat. Buffalo

We left Minnesota early on the morning of the 16th. Passing through South Dakota we made it to the Badlands and Custer. A drive by park experience, the first days of our trip was a whirlwind of driving that took us through South Dakota, the Badlands, Custer state park and Mt. Rushmore.

The Badlands drive took us through painted hills and colorful rocks. We stopped and took a few pics along the way, hiked up a hill and enjoyed a picnic.

While driving through the entire state of South Dakota we kept seeing signs about a mysterious place called Wall Drug! now Wall Drug is an old establishment that is along the gateway to the West. Travellers would pass by but wouldn't stop. That is until one day Wall Drug's proprietors decided to offer cold ice water to passerby. This changed Wall Drug's fortune forever and to this day they attract a crazy amount of tourists (like us). We had to stop, the sheer number of giant billboards convinced us and i'm glad we stopped. Riding the giant jackrabbit was definitely worth the stop.

A quick driveby of Mt. Rushmore  proved that it looks just like the pictures!

Now the Black Hills and Custer were fantastic and beautiful. So glad to have stopped by and seen the amazing sights. While driving through Custer we came across a huge herd of Bison (aka Buffalo). We thought of our friend Claire who absolutely adores them. I was taking a bit of a siesta when I awoke to the sight of large buffalo surrounding the car. It was surreal. I think that was the first time I'd seen a buffalo (except a water buffalo in Thailand) up close a personal. 

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