Friday, February 11, 2011

Camp Cannonball Pirate Ship Construction

Avast there be a construction adventure underway!
We're building a pirate ship mast complete with crows nest. This 14' tall interactive art project will be displayed at SOURCE! Maui's multimedia art and music festival in camp Keanae. The festival is a 4 day celebration of the arts and music. Featuring theatre, music, healing arts, culinary and visual arts all blended into a festival atmosphere. Like Burning Man it celebrates the gift economy and no money is transferred within the festival grounds.

No interactive art festival would be complete without a pirate ship mast and a few random pirates thrown in the mix for fun. As the Maui Pirate Cannonball Chris I've decided to lead the team to build the project.

Many thanks to those who helped build this project and added input during the construction phase.
and the rest of ya scurvy seadogs!

Beware the pirates of source. Booty and skullduggery!