Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Vienna at the Opera complete with Pierogi and Knüdle

I don't believe I've ever been to an Opera, so it was quite a treat while I was in Vienna to hit the Staatsoper haus...

The Opera, Nubucco, wasn't a great one but the Staatsoper was grand. We bought standing tickets for 4 euros and then luckily found empty seats at the intermission.

Vienna is a great city though. It is along the Danube, has lots of interesting people living there and is very artistically and musically aligned.
You can walk down the street and you'll hear beautiful music wafting through the air. Not your normal grungy hippy with a guitar but tuxedo wearing music students trying to get their name out.

I felt Vienna was much more alive and interesting that say Budapest. People at least seem happier in Vienna.

We had dinner with some couchsurfers, Pierogi to be exact a Polish dish. I was very interested in their apartment. They had 12 rooms and in this apartment there is a mix of young and old. Or college students and elderly. A sort of community where you can mix the elder wisdom with some youthful spirit.

I loved this idea and think that more people should pay attention to their grandparents and people who have lived life much more than themselves. In our day and age people devalue that wisdom because maybe your grandpa doesn't know how to use a computer or they didn't grow up with cell phones. We'll see how the experiment goes. I'll hope for the best.

Andrea cooked a farewell meal of Knüdle. Mmmm mmm I am going to make it sometime because it is delicious. They are dumpling or packages of food with the wrapper made of potato. Of course it was served with kraut!

I was sad to say goodbye to the city, the friends I made and Andrea. Until the next adventure...

The morning of my departure during breakfast I had a feeling which caused me to look out the window. Drifting through the sky were white specks. Little snowflakes carried by the wind. I ran over and watched as their suicide course brought them in contact with the window where they melted in an instant.

It was a nice but I felt like I was leaving just in time, heading to warmer waters and sun...

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