Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Thai Adventures

When I left Vienna it was snowing.
I wrapped myself in a scarf and walked across the tarmac onto the waiting plane.

Thailand awaited and luckily for me it wasn't snowing there...
Bangkok is a crazy polluted gridlocked city but has some appeal. There are several large parks nearby that offer a bit of calm in the chaos.

Whatever you desire you can find in Bangkok. Including fish massages!

My first impression was that Hawaii and Thailand share a lot of similarities. You can find the same fruits and veggies, the weather is the same and in Hawaii there are lots of Asian influences. The difference is in price. I ate shrimp Pad Thai for 35 Baht or about one American dollar.

The people are friendly and outgoing. Once I left the big city I started to get more wide eyed slackmouthed stares. Farang!

Yes I am a farang or foreigner, less harsh than haole but still a label.
But that is what was needed a farang to teach English. I jumped onboard with a company called doing English Camps for schools. We had dinner with JJ (one of the organizers) and her family. Super scrumptious and quite a feast!

I had a fantastic time playing games and running around with the kids. What really surprised me was how well behaved the kids were. They sat down in perfect rows and were all super respectful.

For me Maui still has the perfect weather but Thailand is not so bad, although it is in the cooler season... Thailand is the first place that I really feel like I could live besides Hawaii. Maybe I could even get a job as a stunt double for this Thai movie star everyone thinks I look like: Ananda.


PaiaGirl said...

OMG - you SO look like Ananda!

Joel Bruner said...

hahahaha MAN! those are super cool posts man, i love the one about Laos the most. that is a good story from a good trip it appears.... and your picture of us at JJs house in nakhon panom makes me laugh. i remember that still to be one of the coolest (the food was good of course but the whole situation was so beautiful) meals in Thailand. I look like a jerk there and i can see James does as well, obviously its just because we are so into the munching but i am still looking like a tough guy.
My man, thanks for directing me to these, i just read all of your posts back until that one in..., October '09 was it? Man. well im still here man, if you make another swing through BKK let me know. I moved outside the city now, way more relaxed and quiet out here, but still an easy travel distance from town. Take care of yourself man, have a great next season in the US or wherever the travels take you. peace for now my man, be blessed!