Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Serbia will Rakia

I caught a ride down from Budapest to Serbia with a friend's Uncle from Chicago. I went to Budapest on a whim and to Serbia as well.
He offered to drive and I jumped in and off to a country I never thought I would visit.

Very glad I did. The food was tasty and the people friendly. I love how alive the city is. People are in the streets, laughing, yelling, swearing and drinking coffee along a main pedestrian street. Every day is like a Saturday and every night is like a Friday night in Belgrade, the capital. A beautiful, even if a little unkempt, city that is bordered by the confluence of two rivers. The Danube and the Sava are both large rivers and add an interesting aesthetic to the city.

I loved going to riverboat bars and walking around the old city and fort. For a country that we launched missiles at not too long ago I got past the border without a hitch.

While there I sampled the local plum brandy or Rakia. Very tasty and boy ohh boy is it strong. You'll see old men sitting with their coffee, newspaper and cigarette in the morning and downing shots of Rakia. It is more than just an alcohol it is a tradition. I can tell it comes in handy when in such a cold country because it instantly warms you up.

The food I mentioned earlier is very tasty albeit greasy. Pljeskavica, Burek, Ćevapčići, Kajmak... I will say that while eating the Ćevapčići I could tell my heart was struggling, it was soo rich.

Good times and good people. I was talking to my good friend Ben and he said it best.
People don't want war and conflict, they want BBQs and babies...

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