Sunday, July 19, 2009

¡Fiesta Las Animas!

My hosts Patricia and Leo are fantastic. They both have a spark for life that exceeds the norm.

I´ve been getting used to the local custom of afternoon siestas late night dinners then fiesta until 8 in the morning! I was up 3 days with maybe 4 hours of sleep total!

For the last two nights I went to Las Animas a club where Leo is a bartender.
Before going to the club (at 4am) you first party on the beach and tailgate in the parking lot. We were walking along the beach and what did we find? A fiesta de Rugby! There was free beer and a DJ set up right on the beach all set up under a big tent. I got to talking and met Carlos and several other friendly rugby players. They invited me and the girls I was with back the next day to watch them play. It was hard to pass up the invitation but it was soo easy to sleep for several hours after so many hours awake.

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