Saturday, July 25, 2009

Around the town

Thanks to some friendly couchsurfers I borrowed a bike! It makes getting around soo much easier. I love to bike around and explore the city.

Little side alleys that lead to hidden churches and fountains. To areas where there are houses being torn down to make way for roads and those that are holding out to live there.

Cabanyal is a barrio that is being systematically destroyed to make room for a road extension and luxury hotels and apartments. The people of the area, mostly gypsies are obviously upset and there are murals and graffiti to show it. They can't really leave their homes though because otherwise the waiting bulldozers will roll...

The beach is nice but it reminds me of Waikiki, too many people not enough peace.
The mediterranean is warm very warm but lacks any waves. A sad situation for a pirate who loves to surf.

So my idea is to travel to Morocco and catch some surf in Rabat!

But first I got to Ibiza on Monday!

There is great art everywhere which I enjoy like this fountain of un barco (boat)

Here I am next to one of the ever present glass recycling containers that are scattered though the city. As you might be able to notice if you look closely I've upgraded it with one of my Maui Pirate stickers...

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