Friday, June 12, 2009

Hiking at Hidden Villa


I went to visit my good friend Wes down in Monterey. He had a meeting with a solar firm so I tagged along for the ride. We went hiking in Hidden Villa a 1600 acre wilderness preserve that offers summer camps for kids and lots of eco workshops. I was really impressed with their setup.


The even have the oldest running Hostel in the US on the property (since 1937). We walked past lots of happy livestock and chicken tractors as we ventured off into the woods.


There are miles of trails all over the wilderness preserve. Our path took us along a small meandering stream in the understory of several varieties of trees.


Wes has been around the world many times, driven across the US 7 times and seen 34 countries on an extended travel adventure that lasted six years! He is another one of my inspirations to travel. I loved hearing his stories and picking up little tidbits of advice.

When we got back to the car I noticed a tick! I quickly squished it before Wes chimed in about an article he read about tick saliva having a protein that blocks the HIV virus from attaching to T cells.

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lelobandito said...

It was nice meeting you at the beach : )
Awesome! I have yet to visit Hidden Villa but I applied to one of their farming internships a while back. Small world.

Countdown begins till your off and away! So exciting.