Friday, May 29, 2009

CALSTAR Strikes Back!

OMG! UC Berkeley (CAL for those in the know) has a Death Star Replica at the front of the campus!!!!
Ok maybe it isn't the DeathStar but it looks similiar.

Seems like an awesome school. I like the people I've met around there. Maybe one of these days I'll try my luck at going to school there. First I've got traveling to do.

I was having dinner with my sister, niece and grandma and she mentioned that I should get a degree and then travel the world. In my mind I've done a bit of college and enough to give me a taste but my main hunger is to see the world. Don't get me wrong I love the educational environment and will go for more schooling. At this time I'm in need of some international experiences to tuck under my belt. Stories to add to my arsenal and many many pictures to remind me of all the crazy quirky things out there in the world.

Interesting my Grandma's friend backed me up on the idea to travel while I was young and had the chance.
I say Carpe Diem! seize the fish! or the world or something. I guess I should go to school j/k .-)
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