Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Kite Boating in the News!

Local pioneer Dan Tracy of Kite For Sail was recently featured in the news. Dan got his idea when coming up to an alternative to mast which is cumbersome and time consuming to set up.

Why a kite? Kites are able to harvest more wind to power the boat because they are higher off water and can capture the steadier wind. Also the action of pumping the kite up and down generates stronger forces.

It is great that the local media is starting to pick up on this unique and amazing technology. There are many uses for kite sailing. Everything from commercial shipping to the hobby enthusiast can benefit.

Check out KITV4's news coverage of Dan and Kite For Sail:

Just last week I had another opportunity to join the crew of the Kite For Sail boat and have to say that even with out any sailing experience I was able to easily control the kite and steer the vessel. If I was on a sailboat with a mast and many lines I'm sure I would not have been moving at all.

The set up is extremely simple, involving unfurling a kite and attaching the leading and trailing edge lines as well as a safety fifth line that is used to de-power the kite in high wind situations.

Dan and Kite for Sail have plans to sail from Hawaii to California and back within the next 2 years.

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