Wednesday, May 23, 2007

San Francisco

San Francisco has been a wonderful adventure so far. I have the opportunity to spend time with my niece and to really explore the city. There is so much going on in the bay that I feel like a month and a half is not nearly enough.

My best Friend Taylor and I may move out here after we finish up our degrees. I think we'd both have a blast. I know I would only be able to live here for a couple years tops. Otherwise the dull gray may fog over my cheery attitude. At least there are certain areas where the fog is not so thick.

I've got pictures up at
Please Check them out, I'll update them as I go with the highlights of the trip.

I took my niece and her friend to the Maker Faire and we all had so much fun. Everything from battle bots to flame throwing fire engines to arts and crafts to homebuilt wearable computers.
My eyes were wide with wonder the entire day we were there. It was truly a mind expanding and awe inspiring event. In the future I will make it a point to be out in the area to catch it again.

That same weekend the annual Bay to Breakers Marathon took place. I heard some talk about it and to my amazement my expectations were outdone. The premise is that it is a marathon from the SF Bay to the ocean thus bay to breakers... So the twist is that most people dress in outrageous costumes or wear no clothes at all. I was clothed and as usual had a rather striking pirate costume on. I'm beginning to think that somewhere down the line of my heritage I've got a bit of pirate blood. My grandfather was in the Navy... Heheh. It was a great day to revel in drunkeness and lewd behaviour. I met up with a crew of misfits that had a swashbuckling pirate ship. It was rightly dubbed the ARRRRGASM! and at througout the sail we had a girl on the prow whether topless or not we were sailing in true pirate fashion. There was even a pirate battle! Another pirate ship sailed next to us and we boarded and pillaged their ship.

Most of the time I spend here I am playing "Mom" for my niece and making breakfast lunch and dinner. Dropping her of at school and my sister off at her job. Things are going to get a little harder as she will be on crutches for four weeks after the surgery. I hope everything goes alright for her.

Stay tuned for more pirate adventures ?-)
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