Monday, May 28, 2007

Carnival in the Mission District

Colorful and strange!

There were many people dancing around, and even an opera concert at the end. I wasn't so exited about that but at least there are the options.

Alysha and I both went down to the Mission District with our friends. It was very colorful despite the gym sock gray sky. The music was loud and the crowd boring. In a way the parade participants seemed like the weather had nicked their polished and colorful exterior to cast a dismal edge to the whole affair.

And now for a slideshow!

Maybe my expectations were too great. I did watch E! on tv and loved their "Wild On" series. Maybe I expected more booty shaking? Or It could have been that in my mind I had this image of an outrageous whole street moving and dancing parade a la Wild On Carnival. And none of the Girls Gone Wild crew was out there!

I think it was the weather clouding my judgment. Gray skies make me a cynic.
Check out a compilation of colorful parade clips below:

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Unknown said...

yeah, i can imagine it would be hard to celebrate the pleasures of the flesh in the fog... without a sleeping bag, that is.