Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Contribute to a (sea) worthy Campaign

Help us hoist the sails of our Pirate Art Installation at Source!
Every bit helps and we've got great perks for donating!

The Low Down:

Camp Cannonball is an interactive pirate ship structure built at the YMCA on Maui originally designed for Source! Maui Festival. The ship includes a bow that protrudes from the ground out towards the water. At Source! it serves as a hang out, stage and dance floor. This part of the ship remains intact all year round for the kids who attend to YMCA to enjoy. The ship also includes a crows nest with climbable rigging. Stunning views of the Keanae coastline can be seen including friends and whales. This year we are adding a flame cannon to the crows nest, and to repair and reinforce existing structures. The camp cannonball pirate ship is one of the most visited parts of the Source! festival.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

The Badlands and Custer Feat. Buffalo

We left Minnesota early on the morning of the 16th. Passing through South Dakota we made it to the Badlands and Custer. A drive by park experience, the first days of our trip was a whirlwind of driving that took us through South Dakota, the Badlands, Custer state park and Mt. Rushmore.

The Badlands drive took us through painted hills and colorful rocks. We stopped and took a few pics along the way, hiked up a hill and enjoyed a picnic.

While driving through the entire state of South Dakota we kept seeing signs about a mysterious place called Wall Drug! now Wall Drug is an old establishment that is along the gateway to the West. Travellers would pass by but wouldn't stop. That is until one day Wall Drug's proprietors decided to offer cold ice water to passerby. This changed Wall Drug's fortune forever and to this day they attract a crazy amount of tourists (like us). We had to stop, the sheer number of giant billboards convinced us and i'm glad we stopped. Riding the giant jackrabbit was definitely worth the stop.

A quick driveby of Mt. Rushmore  proved that it looks just like the pictures!

Now the Black Hills and Custer were fantastic and beautiful. So glad to have stopped by and seen the amazing sights. While driving through Custer we came across a huge herd of Bison (aka Buffalo). We thought of our friend Claire who absolutely adores them. I was taking a bit of a siesta when I awoke to the sight of large buffalo surrounding the car. It was surreal. I think that was the first time I'd seen a buffalo (except a water buffalo in Thailand) up close a personal. 

Starting The Roadtrip

I have never been one to turn down an adventure. When my girlfriend Ashley invited me to go with her on a roadtrip I had to say yes. There were tentative plans in my mind to explore some national parks and I had just gotten a ticket to Burning Man. The idea of leaving a bit early to enjoy a bit of the country seemed like a fantastic idea.

I caught a redeye from Maui on June 12th and flew into Minnesota on the 13th. I arrived to a death in the family but was welcomed in wholeheartedly just the same.

Ashley's friends took us for a ride on the lake. Classical music under the stars. While not exactly the high seas we were able to have a bit of fun bobbing around on the calm lake, passing through channels and around moonlit bays.

Sometimes I think about where I am today and I thank my past self for putting things into motion that I can enjoy in the moment. There were definitely preparations to get to the point of embarking on a three month adventure. I found a subletter for my room and tied up some lingering business projects. I'm thankful for the efforts because the trip is already a success!

Friday, October 28, 2011

Shipwreck on Baby Beach


Avast! There be a pirate ship washed ashore on that reef thar!

A shipwreck upon baby beach in Spreckelsville. The crew was rescued 3 weeks ago 600 miles NW of the Big Isle. The Quantum Leap from Portland, OR is run aground on the protective reef at Baby Beach. There is a little bit of diesel leaking into the waters nearby. Floatsom abound with treasures to be found. Pirates are on the scene .-)

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Friday, February 11, 2011

Camp Cannonball Pirate Ship Construction

Avast there be a construction adventure underway!
We're building a pirate ship mast complete with crows nest. This 14' tall interactive art project will be displayed at SOURCE! Maui's multimedia art and music festival in camp Keanae. The festival is a 4 day celebration of the arts and music. Featuring theatre, music, healing arts, culinary and visual arts all blended into a festival atmosphere. Like Burning Man it celebrates the gift economy and no money is transferred within the festival grounds.

No interactive art festival would be complete without a pirate ship mast and a few random pirates thrown in the mix for fun. As the Maui Pirate Cannonball Chris I've decided to lead the team to build the project.

Many thanks to those who helped build this project and added input during the construction phase.
and the rest of ya scurvy seadogs!

Beware the pirates of source. Booty and skullduggery!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thanksgiving in Oregon

Well there is nothing like skipping the long lines of air travel and hopping on a train for a scenic ride North.

My niece, sister, grandma and I all hopped aboard an Amtrak train for the trip up to Klamath Falls, Oregon.

After some delays because of a power outage in one of the towns and having to manually switch the track we arrived in the snowy Pacific Northwest.

Sliding down the snowy slopes was well worth the trip!

I hope people realize how important family is.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Home, just where I left it.

It is good to return after being away. Some things are changed and some things, well, some things they just never change. I take comfort in that.

I was sitting with my grandma the other day at the beach park and she told me of the old days living on a sugar plantation on the Big Island.

I sat there and her words were transformed into the tastes of the mangoes and the pucker of the citrus they grew. I could hear the click of the abacus her father used to check his monthly earnings. "I asked him to teach me" my grandma said. "No it is too complicated for you" he told her. Girls were supposed to cook and wash the clothes.

Then I saw the dirt in the creases of her childhood hands as she talked about spending time working in the yard and her mother joking that she should have been born a boy and her brother a girl.

The sound of the stream whispered as they played beside it with kids from the plantation. Kids of many races.

Her mother scolded them and told them to play with their own kind.

"But why?" my grandma protested. "We all have to get along in school and they are my friends we should be able to play with everyone..."

I was thinking maybe it was my Grandma who I inherited this openness, a love of strange new sights and the yearning to play with the other kids who were different...